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Related post: Date: 4 Dec 2001 20:38:46 -0000 From: Otto Subject: Other members can also cum 12Sorry for taking so long. I promise you that Chapter 13 will be available next week. I hope you enjoy this one for now. Chapter 12 - Houseguests sleeping at daddy's bedThat night, Mike, Sam, uncle Alan, dad and I would all fuck together. Becky and Theresa would sleep in the guest room and we, guys, would all be in dad's room. Of course, it wouldn't be hard for Mike and Sam to go to dad's bedroom. For my uncle it would be even preteen naturist spread easier. But not for me. After all, Dick could hear preteens caught masturbating something, or wake up, I don't know, and he still didn't know about us. So I told him that I would go out with my girlfriend that night. So I would not be back till really late.But I was not going to see Cindy. I had already fucked that day, more than once, and I wanted to save myself. I knew that, if I met Cindy, we would end up fucking. So I decided to go out with the boys.The boys were Mark (of course, I was also fucking him, but we would not be alone) lol preteen nude and Dave, a friend of ours. Dave was a great guy and we always laughed together. But that night I wanted him with us to keep my hands away from Mark's cock. Or ass. Or face... You can choose if you really like these details.So Dave would leave Shelly, his girlfriend, alone, and go out with the guys that night. We would go to the movies, preteen professional model than to someplace else, after that I would go home and Dick would already be asleep. Nice plan.We went to the movies. I sat between them. And, after ten or twenty minutes, I felt Dave's hand on my cock!Now, after that, who could pay attention to a movie? I looked at Mark. He laughed. I understood what was going on. I brought Mark, he brought Dave. Hm, it was not bad. I had seen Dave naked, and preteen 3d art he had a really nice cock. Plus, a very beautiful ass. But his cock was the best of Dave. The best.I also preteen sexy list laughed. Dave kissed me quickly and took his hand off my cock. It was a shame, I was starting to get hard.Later, that same night, we were inside my car and I asked them what teens preteen nude the fuck was going on. Of course, I knew, but I had to ask.Actually, I knew nothing. Dave told me:"Well, you have a queer friend, called Mark, who likes to watch guys in the shower.""Well...""All right, Mark. Go on, Dave.""A couple of days ago I saw him really staring at my crotch. I looked at his. He was trying to hide, but I realized he liked my cock. Well, if our nice friend here preteen sexy porn like guys, I should open myself for him, don't you think?""Wait a minute, Dave, are you telling me that you're preteen girls bbs gay? I mean, what about Shelly?""Come on, Bobby, Mark told me the whole story, you know that there's something called bisexuals! And, if you're asking me, preteen forum thumbs Shelly's bi too."Wait a second, Mark told him the whole story? Including the incest parts? Oh, shit!But Mark wanted Dave to finish his tale:"Tell him how did you started!""Well, I started with Steve.""Your brother?""Yeah. When I was a kid. I was fucked before I ever mexican preteens models fucked anything, can you believe it?""Why... Why haven't you ever mentioned it to us?""Oh, come on, Bobby, it's not the kind of think you tell anyone. And I always thought you two were straight.""Well, we also thought that." "I know. Anyway, for the last year my family is fucking together.""Get out of here!""Yup. All of us. Bi. Mom was the last one to join. I believe that's your situation, right?""Right. Well, we're not fucking together for so long, but... You mean, all of you?""Yes."Dave has three brothers, Steve, nude preteen modelling Nick and Charlie, and one sister, Debby. And his parents are in a great shape. His mother was one of my muses when I was masturbating. Later, Debby, too. Debby was 16, Steve was the oldest, 23, and Charlie the youngest, 15. Nick was 19. They were all good looking. And they were all bisexuals. Hm..."What about Shelly? Does she join you?""Yeah. And so does Kathy, Nick's girlfriend, and Ana.""Who's Ana?""Oh, man, Ana is Steve's girl. She's a crazy girl from Brazil, you should know her!""Really?""Yeah, Steve met her in a gay bar, once. Which, I know, is the craziest place to find a girl. rape preteens She's something, she likes to be fucked in the ass while she has my mother's cunt in her mouth."Hm, that was not so impressive. After all, Laura and Donna and Judy and Cindy also liked to do that. So, what's the preteen russia links big deal?But I was happy. Not only I could fuck even more people, but I found another family as horny as preteen russian hard mine. And as open as mine!I was dying to go to Dave's place preteens modelling nude and fuck all of them. But I had to go back home. So I invited my friends to join our little gay incest night.And they said no. I'm kidding, of course, they were as crazy as I to go home. That talk made all of us horny as hell and... Well, there honey preteen pictures was preteen videos sites a place filled with cocks and asses and mouths. movies naturist preteen The place where the fun was.So we went to my place. Everybody was preteen slave galleries sleeping or fucking. preteen thumbs galleries We went to my dad's room. When I opened the door, I young preteen boylove saw that those fags had already started! Sam was sitting on his dad's cock while my dad, on his hands and knees, was sucking his nephew's cock. Mike preteen gymnastic models was just behind dad. Fucking him like crazy."Hello," I said."Oh, Bobby," said my uncle, "you brought japanese models preteen some friends! And they seem wonderful!""Hey, Dave!""Oh, hello, sir!""Call me Ed, Dave! My stepson is fucking my ass and you just saw me with my nephew's cock in my mouth, cut the crap and call me Ed. And take off your clothes!""Okay, Ed!"We took our clothes off. Three more hard cocks and three more hot asses. For the first time, I saw teenart com preteen Dave with a hard on. Nice, really nice. I licked my lips. Big and nice. And hard. preteen brutal rape He was almost as big as Sam. So nice.So nice I just got on my hands and knees and told him:"Come on, Dave! I wanna feel it!"As I said, his cock was hard. And dad told Dave to cut the crap, so he started to push his hard and nice and big (oh, so big) cock into my tight and hot ass."Oh, Bobby, you're tight, man!""Go on, Dave! Don't care about that, go on!"Dad, preteens amateur sex Mike, uncle Alan and Sam wanted to cum, so they resumed their fucking. Sam was going crazy, moving his butt up and down. I had to feel my uncle inside my ass before that night ended.Mark was also naked, jacking off. I asked him something:"Come on, Mark, come behind me and suck my cock! Please! Come on, Dave, I want it all! Push it, man, push it, cause today I need it. Oh, man! Boy, I was nymphets family preteen feeling so gay today, I'm so glad I have six cocks right here! I was losing my mind! Oh, shit, I'm losing my mind right now! Oh, Mark, I feel your tongue naughty preteen sluts on my cockhead, man! Now, Dave, push it all! Oh, shit, you're so preteen males nude big!""Do you want me to go easy on you?""No! preteen underage links Are you crazy? I like the fact that you're so big! So big...""Oh, Ed, I'm gonna cum!""Cum, Sam, cum in my mouth!""Keep sucking! Oh, yes! Just feeling dad's prick inside of me while you suck me... That's it, Oh, dad, if you want to cum, cum now!""Wait a second, son. Wait a second!""I can't! Oh, shit, I can't! Suck it, uncle Ed, suck it! Suck! It! Yes! Yes! Eat my preteen loves pics cum, swallow my jizz, cause I'm cumming hard!"He came. Hard, tits preteen pics as he said he was. Then he sat hard on his dad's cock. I could guess it was going really deep. Sam japanese puffy preteens needed some time to breathe.But dad didn't. He moved his head and, when he opened his mouth, I saw some cum in it. But, before petite preteen anime he cleaned his ls preteens models teeth, he said:"Now, come on, Mike, make me cum! I'm free now, you can fuck me as fast as you want!""Okay, Ed!"And Mike, my former roommate increased his speed. My dad's hard cock was swinging as forum preteen vlad my stepbro fucked his ass. And suddenly Dave had all of his cock inside of absolutly preteen nudity me."Oh, my God, Dave! Is that what Shelly has to take?""Yeah!""I'm so jealous! Fuck me, Dave, fuck me preteen boy hardcore hard!""Hey, Bobby, preteen seduction videos suck my dick, man!""Oh, don't worry about that, Mark!"His dick was a few inches below my face. Hard as hell. And big. And he had the prettiest cockhead. It was wet. I licked his peehole. And his cockhead. Then, and preteen gallery search just then, I sucked it."Come on, son, if you're tired, I haven't cum yet.""Okay, dad. Here, is it fine with you?""Wonderful, son. Wonderful. Now don't worry cause I won't last long.""Push it, preteen nudist photoes daddy. I can feel that my cock wants to get hard again. Fuck my ass.""You have a wonderful ass, son. Wonderful.""Oh, Ed, I'm losing it, man! I'm gonna cum!""Cum, cum inside my ass, Mike! Don't worry, cum inside my ass!""Oh, Ed, that's it, that's it! Here it goes, here it goes, are you ready?""Cum!""Yeah! Oh, shit, what a great ass!""I can feel your hot spunk inside of me, Mike. Don't stop, don't stop!""Oh, Bobby, you should had let me fuck your ass years and years ago.""I couldn't agree with you more, Dave! But now, fuck me for all those years!"He did. Soon dad stood up and offered his cock to Mike. Mike was not a man who could say no, not to a hard prick. So, he sucked my dad's cock.I could not complain, because I also had first rate cockmeat in my mouth. top nudes preteens I loved to suck Mark's big cock, and he also loved to be sucked by me. I was hoping I could get him to cum in my mouth.And Dave should preteen bikini topsites cum in my ass!But uncle Alan came first. He was still fucking his son in the ass, but soon Sam's ass was enough for him."Oh, Sam, oh, baby, I'm cumming! I'm cumming, baby! Oh, I just love your nice ass!""It's all yours, daddy! It petite preteens cp was made by you.""Yeah, your mom and I really did it right! God!"Uncle Mark took his cock out of his son's ass. I looked at it. Hm... I loved to suck Mark, but uncle Alan had a great cock. A little bigger than dad's, perhaps, but beautiful. His cockhead was so red. preteen top tgp I had to try it.But, first, Mark had to cum. So naturst preteen pics I preteen modles nudist increased my speed. Then I remembered it was silly, because Alan was not a young man and his blood was already leaving his cock. I needed to give him time so he could get another hard-on.But Mark liked my speed. He begged me to not stop. I didn't."Oh, Mike, you suck my prick so well! Are you ready? So well! So fucking well! Suck me, suck me, suck me! Are you ready? Cause I'm about to cum! Oh, shit! Suck me!"Uncle Alan rest next to his son:"Oh, daddy, best legal preteenmodels I can feel your spunk deep inside of me.""Wait a second, Sam. I'm enjoying the show.""Those friends of Bobby's seem really gifted, don't they?""Yes, they do.""Oh, Mike, here it goes, son! Here it goes! best bbs preteen I'm cumming!""And Mike really swallow preteen cock videos it all, doesn't he?""Yeah. And he's a great cocksucker, daddy! You must let him suck preteen sexyboy models you one of these days.""I will, preteen laika Sam. I will."I looked at those two. Uncle Alan was stroking his son's hard cock. Dad and Mike got near them. And then Mike started to play with Sam's balls.I was really near the edge myself. Being fucked by one of my best friends while I was being sucked by another was enough for me.But Mark came first. I was so lost in my own pleasure that I was really surprised by his jizz. But it was a pleasant surprise. I liked it. And I swallowed it. Than I licked his cockhead in search for more. But it was too late. For preteen older me, at least. Mark's spunk was all I needed. When I felt my orgasm coming, I just cried:"Fuck it deep photos preteens nude inside of me, Dave!"He did it fast. Really fast. He was not expecting that, but he wanted to please me. He did. And I came hard! With a cock deep inside my butthole. And my cock inside a friend's mouth.Then Mark left Dave fucking me and went nearer Mike, dad, uncle Alan and cousin Sam. Mike was kissing Sam. And Mark sat near my dad. They also kissed."Oh, Dave, come on, now, fuck me without any trace of mercy!""I'm doing it, babe! I'm doing it!""I still cannot forgive you for not fucking me long ago. It is so good.""I know, Bobby, I know, but I'm fucking you now! And it's wonderful!""My dad was the first man to fuck me, did you know that?""No!""Yes!""He made a hell of a job! Congratulations, sir! I mean, Ed!""Thank you, Dave. But you're also doing a nice job in my son's ass. yo nude preteen Keep going, keep going!""And the first cock I ever sucked was Mike's.""Oh, Bobby," Dave said, "you never sucked my cock.""I will, Dave! I will. But I angel funs preteen want you to cum in my ass now! I want you! To.""I'll do pics preteen sexy it soon, Bobby. Oh, God, so soon! So soon."I looked at uncle Alan and his cock was getting hard latin preteen gallery again. Oh, my!"Here, uncle Alan, come here and let me help you with this cock you have."He came and kneeled in blog preteen sex front of preteen art movies me. And then he put his cock in my mouth.I let my tongue go slowly over his cockhead. Hm, I would like that. Yes, I would.Dad and Mark were still kissing, but now they had their hands on each other's cock. In no time, their cocks would preteen uderage loita get hard preteen pics lingerie again. But they were not worried about time. Each one of them ukraine preteens gallery just wanted to please the other. And they were both feeling good. It was preteen hardcore porno really something to see, my dad and my best friend kissing and touching each other.While Dave was fucking me and I was licking my uncle's cockhead.Mike and Sam were also kissing, while Mike was stroking Sam's big prick. Then Mike let his tongue running over Sam's lips and decided to open my cousin's ass. Sam did what any man would. He let his ass to be opened.By then, my uncle's cock was already hard again. And kindergarten jpg preteen so I preteen girl sexe decided to suck it hard. Just because I wondered what effect that would have on my uncle. It had the best effect."Oh, Bobby, suck me! Yes! Suck your uncle's cock, come on, come on! Oh, yeah! Nice, really nice! You have a wonderful mouth, Bobby, it even reminds me of my son's! Of your father's."Dave buried his cock deep inside me and came."Oh, Bobby, it's over! I'm cumming! Yeah, feel my cum! Oh, shit! That feels wonderful, ever since I fucked Mark and he told me about you, I wanted that! Now, I did! I fucked you. And came. Inside your tight ass!""Thank you, Dave. Your spunk really made my ass hot.""Your ass doesn't need it, silly!""Thanks."Then he kissed me. I was still on my fours, so uncle Alan, not feeling my lips around his cock anymore, decided to put it between something. Well, I had buttcheeks, didn't I? While Dave was still kissing me, uncle Alan started to push his cock preteen nude art into my ass.That was all I needed. After being fucked by preteen asian gallerie Dave, I had to have another cock inside my ass. Uncle Alan took care of that. And I loved it. Soon he was fucking my ass hard and fast with his wonderful cock.Dad and Mark kids preteen tits stopped kissing. When I looked at them, I saw that Dad was inspired by his big brother and decided to also fuck some tiny preteen pictures male ass. Which is something dad always loved to do. So he was fucking Mark."Fuck me, Ed, fuck me with your big cock. Oh, yeah! You're as good as your son, fuck me hard!""Don't worry, Mark! Don't worry about me! I started fucking men long before you were born. I know what I'm doing.""You certainly do! Know! You fuck me so well, Ed!""Do you like to feel my big cock buried inside your ass?""Yes!""Are you hard? Here, let me feel! Yes, you are hard!""Do you like to touch my prick while you fuck me, Ed?""Yeah, Mark! I love preteens pedo video to feel your hard cock while I'm top kds preteen fucking your hot ass.""I'm so glad you do!"Dave was just watching, with his limp cock. And man, there was a lot to watch. Not only my dad and Mark, and my uncle and me, soft preteens models but also Mike and Sam."Oh, lover, you're so good! I love it, I love it! Push it, Mike, push your cock into me!""Oh, Sam, I'm so glad I met you!""Yeah, me too. When dad decided to come, I had no idea you were also gay. And Bobby. I thought I would only fuck dad and uncle Ed.""You were wrong, Sam. So preteen naturist pic wrong! But now you're right, just the right ass for me."Dad, fucking Mark, saw Dave watching all of us."Come here, Dave! Come here."Dave went. Dad held him and kissed cute preteen kiss him. Then, while find preteen nude he was still fucking Mark, he started to play with preteens vintage nude Dave's balls."Oh, Bobby, your top preteen illegal ass feels so good all around my cock. I can't believe, but I guess I'll cum soon.""You can cum anytime you want, uncle nature preteens Alan, but don't hurry!""Don't worry! Don't worry, Bobby.""Oh, Mike, fuck me hard, fuck me hard cause that's the best thing in the world!""Really?""Yeah, being dark preteen pics fucked by you is the best thing.""I'm glad you like it, Sam! I really do. I also love to fuck you. And I love when you fuck me!""Great! Now move your prick as fast as you can because that's as fast as I want.""You too, uncle Alan, fuck me as hard as you can.""But I'll cum soon, Bobby.""It doesn't preteen girl galleries matter. I want to go crazy with your cock in me."I did. Uncle Alan didn't care cute preteen toes about anything, he just moved his body as fast as he could. And I went nuts!But the first one to cum was dad. He was fucking preteen boy art Mark really hard and, when Dave inserted a couple of his fingers inside my daddy's ass, it was too much for him. He pushed his whole cock inside Mark's inviting ass and came."Oh, you two, I'm cumming! Thanks, xxx preteens model Mark, thanks, Dave!"It was also Mike's time."That's it, Sam, that's it! Oh, shit, I'm ready to... No, fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!""Cum, cum inside of me, Mike! Don't worry, cum inside of me!""I am! I am! russian preteen twinks Here, take it, big boy! Take all my cum.""Thanks!""Come on, uncle Alan, they came already, finish your preteen agency samples job!""Just a second, Bobby, just a... Second!"The truth is that sexy preteen tgp I was almost lost with his cock inside of me, but I also wanted to fuck someone. My cock was more than ready. It needed an ass,"Here, Bobby! Cumming! Oh, yeah! Shit! Oh, fuck! Inside of you, all of it inside of you, are you happy now?"I kissed him:"Very much."But I was not so happy. I wanted to fuck an ass. But which one? There were six of them to choose. Hopefully, one of them belonged to Dave, who solved my problem:"You know what I would like to see?""Uh?""Sons fucking their dads. I just love to watch when my brothers fuck my dad, so...""Okay!"And that was it. My cock had already a target: dad's ass. And Sam's cock should be inside his father.So dad and uncle Alan got on their hands and knees, side by side and, side by side, Sam and I were ready to fuck them.Dave's cock was hard again. And Mike started to stroke it.And Sam and I started to push our cocks. I already knew, very well, my dad's ass, so I had no surprises. It was just as wonderful as always. When I had my whole cock inside, I looked at Sam. He was also deep inside his father. And he smiled at me. And then he kissed me."Hey, you two, stop kissing and fuck our butts!"We did as the experienced voice told us to do. We fucked their butts.Meanwhile, Dave was fucking Mike, who was sucking Mark."Oh, yeah, Mike, you know how I like to be sucked! That's it, Mike! That's it! The peehole! You suck me just like Bobby does.""He learned it all from me.""Keep sucking! Yeah!""Hey, Mike, that's a hell of an ass you have here behind you, man!"I said:"That was the first male ass I fucked.""Don't pay attention to these fags, son, fuck me! Oh, just like that! Just like that! Push it all! Oh, son, you're preteen white lilly so big!""Oh, dad, it's your ass that makes it erotic preteen magazine bigger!"So there I was, with my ass full of cum, fucking my father. I knew I wouldn't last long, but it was just so good that preteen hairy nude I'd never wanted to stop.Sam and his father were also having fun. Just preteen hoe to imagine that dad and Uncle Alan had started fucking years ago, then uncle Alan started preteen angels tgps to fuck his son, then dad and I... Just to think that, thanks to Mike, I was bi. To think that Dave and his family had preteenz xxx been fucking for years... It was all so hot!I looked at Dave, Mike and Mark. Mike had a finger deep inside Mark's butt. Who, of course, was loving it! And Dave had his fingers around Mike's cock.I had my both hands on dad's hips, but watching Dave, I decided to move my right hand. Soon I was stroking dad's long and hard cock. Sam saw us and liked the idea. He did the same for his father. And uncle Alan loved it:"Oh, preteens porn young baby, jack me off! Yeah! Oh, it's preteen amazing models so good to feel a cock in you while a latino preteen porn man is stroking your cock! Fuck me, fuck me! I can't believe I'm already hard again, after cumming inside your ass, and Bobby's! You kids really do it to me!"Yeah, he just had to wait for the opportunity to fuck his daughters. At least Lisa and Karen. Those two, I was sure, would love to be fucked by their daddy!And I still had to convince Dick to join us! Boy, life was great!Mike deep throated Mark. But, even without seeing Mark's cock, I knew what was happening. Because Mark told us:"Oh, shit, I'm cumming! Swallow, Mike! Yeah, that's it, babe! Oh, shit! There's nothing better, nothing better!"Sam was also over the edge. He came just after.But not his father. Uncle Alan had his ass full of cum, but was not ready, not yet. So they moved their bodies and Sam started to suck his father.Dad didn't need to be sucked:"Push it all! Push it all! Yeah, I want to cum with all of it inside! That's it! Now stroke me, Bobby, keep stroking me! Shit! Faster, preteen model cumshots son, faster! Oh, yeah!"And he came on extreme preteen sex the rug. Well, he was the one married to Rebecca, so I guess he would not be in trouble. Anyway, when he came, he contracted his ass. It was too much for exploited preteen pictures me. I resumed my movements and, in no time, I was cumming in dad's ass.We joined Mark, who was, by then just watching. And we watched. Soon my uncle came. And so did Dave. And we all rest together. There's nothing more relaxing that feeling a limp cock touching your own cock while another is touching your butt. Right? I hope you liked it. Feel free to write me at
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